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The decision to get divorced is never made lightly. But contrary to what you may have heard from friends or seen on TV, the process itself doesn’t have to be traumatic. If you can avoid going through the courts, your divorce can be completed more quickly and with less expense. Mediation is an excellent alternative to a courtroom divorce for both straight and same-sex couples. It allows you to resolve your disputes amicably.

At Schlegel Law Group, founding attorney Scott Schlegel is a renowned expert in the field of family law and a certified mediator with the Florida Supreme Court. He has helped numerous couples proceed smoothly through divorce with minimal conflict and delay. In fact, Schlegel Law Group has a 90% success rate with mediation. We also provide multiple options for you so you don’t feel stuck with just one possibility. Serving as an impartial party, Attorney Schlegel will work with you and your spouse to negotiate the best possible outcome for everyone involved, including the children. He’ll clarify issues and suggest alternatives, continually moving the process toward completion.

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What Is Mediation?

Mediation allows spouses to discuss their issues and concerns and explore resolutions to the dispute with the help of a neutral, third-party mediator. Unlike a judge or arbitrator, the mediator is not allowed to many any decisions about the disputes; they are merely there to facilitate and moderate discussion. Tensions may naturally arise due to heightened emotions or sensitive topics, so the mediator will help ensure the session flows smoothly. The mediator may either meet with both parties together or with each party privately (called a caucus).

Mediation will conclude in one of the following ways: 

  • the spouses reach an agreement on some or all issues and sign the agreement; or
  • the mediator declares an impasse because one or both spouses do not seek to continue discussion to resolve the matter.

If the mediator declares an impasse, then the couple and their attorneys will likely have to go to court to have the judge make the final decision. In any case, Attorney Schlegel is both an experienced divorce attorney and certified mediator, so he is intimately familiar with the legal process with any outcome.

Why Mediation Could Be Right for You

As mentioned above, a mediator doesn’t impose decisions but rather guides you to compromises you and your ex-partner can accept, particularly with regard to issues such as:

Mediation has many benefits over litigation including:

  • Lower Cost – Court costs will be minimal and legal fees less, as each spouse won’t need to hire individual lawyers.
  • Speed – You control the process which usually means a faster resolution than waiting for court dates to be assigned.
  • Confidentiality – Mediation allows you to keep all emotional and financial issues private, as opposed to public in court.
  • Control – You and your spouse negotiate the final agreement, which gives you control and autonomy over the content as opposed to court-imposed decisions.
  • Adherence – You and your ex-spouse will be more willing to adhere to an agreement you’ve created together.
  • Less Drama – Mediation promotes an attitude of compromise versus a win-lose mentality, which often results in a better post-marital relationship, especially important if you have children.

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